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It isn't all CSI out there in real life!
Many crime labs lack basic equipment.
Learn the facts at the Crime Lab Project.

General References
Publishers Weekly Online

Writers Write - The Write Resource

Writing Corner Resources

Writers' Guild of America Resources and Tools

Association of Authors' Representatives

Authors Guild

Publishers Lunch - highly useful, FREE daily trade newsletter
that contains deal information on book contracts once a week

Tax Info for Self-Published Authors - Get the deductions you're entitled to have

Helpful Writing Tips

English Grammar Resources - Excellent grammar help submitted by young writer Alyssa - Thanks!

Improve Your Essay Writing Skills with ChatGPT - Explore ChatGPT as an aid to your writing, not a substitute for your own effort

Computer Tools and Editing Software for Writers - A basket of digital tools submitted by young writer Willow - Thanks!

Grammar Rules and Examples - A cornucopia of grammar tips

Student's Guide to Literary Terms and Devices - Know when and how to use literary devices

A Guide to Literary Devices - Don't know an allusion from an allegory? Learn here!

For Kids Who Want to be Writers - Fun and informative

The Ultimate Grammar Guide - Even if you think you don't need it, you need it.

How to use ChatGPT Ethically - Get ideas and summaries.

Writing Tips - from the Australian College of Journalism

GrammarCheck InfoGraphics - Get the basics right plus enhance your writing!

College Student Writing Guide - Valuable links for grammar, citation, and point of view

Blogging and Social Media
Learn about Website Creation and Development Tools - Comprehensive guides, everything you need to know

(Thank you for this link, Marissa!)

How to Make a Website - Free, step-by-step guide to get you up and running fast

Creating Engaging Blog Content - Okay, so you have a blog. Stuck for what to write?

How to Start a Blog - Easy video walk-throughs for a WordPress blog

Beginner's Guide to Blogging - Starting from square one? Comprehensive instructions with detailed steps.

SiteBuilderReport - Exhaustive reviews of web building tools! Reliable, informative, great tips.

Creating a Website with WordPress - Beginner's Guide, Complete Tutorial

Creating a Blog Today! - Amazing Tutorial for Beginners

Make a Website Hub - Creating a Blog or Website for beginners/advanced; be sure to check the References tab!

How to Start a Blog - Step-by-step with images and great infographic

Creating Author Websites - A great reference

How to Build a Small Business Website with WordPress - Ultimate 27 step-by-step guide

How to Start a Blog - Blogging from a Marketing Angle

The Ultimate Guide to Website Building - Great Tutorials using WordPress

Top Fifty Writing Blogs

Which Social Network is Best for Writers?

The Ultimate Social Media Guide for Writers

Guide to Blogging - Need to start a blog? Start here!

Blogging Basics 101 - Comprehensive advice and resources

On Blast Blog - Outstanding step-by-step tutorials

Getting Started with eCommerce - Want to sell your books online?

Burst Photos - Free Stock Photos
Writers' Organizations

International Thriller Writers

American Crime Writers League

Sisters in Crime

Mystery Writers of America

Private Eye Writers of America

Mystery Readers International

Public Safety Writers Association

The Short Mystery Fiction Society

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Horror Writers Association

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Law Enforcement
Cybersecurity Guide - Comprehensive cybercrime info!

Some sample ideas (of many) from the site:
Cybersecurity 101
How to Become a Cybercrime Investigator
Digital Forensics Career Guide
Computer Forensics Degree Programs
Becoming an Ethical Hacker

Your Career in Crime Scene Investigation - How to get started

Lee Lofland - Police Procedure and Crime Scene Investigations Expert

Writers' Police Academy- Most exciting hands-on workshops in police procedures

Law Enforcement Career Guide


Police Marksman Magazine

MIT Guide to Lock Picking

How Lockpicking Works

Federal Bureau of Investigation


The Mind of a Criminal: Psychology of History's Famous Crooks

Reddy's Forensic Page

Zeno's Forensic Site

Crime Scene Investigation Network

Forensic Firearm Tutorial - and Other Tutorials

Forensics for Writers - Two exceptionally useful books from an expert

Crime Museum - Forensics and Much More - Vast reference site from National Crime Museum in Washington, DC

Forensic Scholars Today - Quarterly Newsletter of American Institute for the Advancement of Forensic Studies

Inductive and Deductive Criminal Profiling

Court Transcript of Testimony Pertaining to Victimology


Mystery Weekly - Looking for short mysteries: Submissions

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

Crimespree Magazine

Crime Factory

Mystery Scene Magazine

The Strand Magazine

Prose 'n Cons